Advancement in Cub Scouts is accomplished as Scouts complete the required adventures. Each rank has specific requirements for advancement, and Pack 198 leaders work with families and Scouts to ensure all Scouts can advance to the next rank if at all possible. Scouts will be recognized for completing adventures at every pack meeting. Pack 198 holds a special advancement ceremony in the Spring where Scouts who have completed their requirements earn their badge of rank. Below is an explanation of each of the ranks. More information about each rank its requirements can be found here.


The Lion program is for Kindergarten-aged boys and girls and their adult partners. A Lion, working with his or her adult partner earns the Lion rank. Lions adventures include outdoor adventures, civics, STEM, and much more!

Lion Rank


Beginning in Tiger year, all new Cub Scouts earn the Bobcat badge first by learning the Scout Oath and Scout Law, the Cub Scout handshake, salute, sign, and motto, and earning the Cyber Chip Award. After earning the Bobcat rank, each Scout works on adventures based on his or her grade level.

Bobcat Rank


The Tiger program is for first-grade boys and girls and their adult partners. A Tiger, working with his or her adult partner, earns the Tiger rank. Adventures include indoor and outdoor activities just right for a child in the first grade.

Tiger Rank


A Cub Scout who has completed first grade works toward the Wolf rank. Scouts learn about the outdoors and Leave No Trace, our neighborhoods and community service, and good health.

Wolf Rank


A Cub Scout who has completed the second-grade works toward the Bear rank. Scouts will learn about nature, how to take care of themselves, the value of helping others, having fun, and patriotism.

Bear Rank

Webelo & Arrow of Light

A Cub Scout who has completed the third grade (or becomes 10 years old) transfers to a Webelos den and works on requirements for the Webelos rank and the Arrow of Light – the highest award in Cub Scouts! Camping and outdoor programs are an important part of the 18-month Webelos program. Webelos are introduced to Scouts BSA and visit troops. In December of a Webelos’ fifth grade year, he or she graduates from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA. Pack 198 celebrates this with a “bridging” ceremony in December.

Webelos and Arrow of Light Rank