Pack Costs & Dues

In Pack 198, the pack dues are as following:

  • $200 per year per Cub Scout in ranks Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelo, and Arrow of Light (if bridging to a Scouts BSA troop after December).
  • $100 per year for Cub Scout in rank Arrow of Light, for those who bridge to a Scouts BSA troop before the end of December.

The overall cost can be reduced based on your Scout’s fundraising activities. Our pack uses these funds to cover a variety of expenses. Below is more information on where your dues go, how to pay dues, and ways to reduce your dues through participation in fundraising events.

Visit the FAQ for more information about other potential costs associated with Scouting.

What do my dues pay for?

The $200 in dues go directly to the pack to pay for your Cub Scout's national fees and insurance as well as pack-specific costs as outlined below:

National Fees ($35)

  • 100% for each Cub Scout's BSA registration fee

Membership Dues ($165)

  • 12% for leaders' BSA registration fees
  • 15% for den meeting budgets
  • 18% for special events
  • 55% for advancement

How do I pay my dues?

Pack 198 offers several ways to pay pack dues.

Annual Lump Sum

For families who do not want to participate in popcorn sales or other fundraising efforts, you can pay the full dues in one lump sum by the end of September.

Payment Plan

Dues can also be paid through a payment plan of 8 equal payments of $25 per month from September through April. These will be auto-drafted through Square.

Reduced or Free Dues through Fundraising

If you would like to reduce the cost of pack dues (or possibly get free dues), you can participate in the popcorn fundraiser in the fall and/or the camp card fundraiser in the spring. Any Scout who sells $650 in popcorn during our fall fundraiser pays no dues! If you sell below this amount, we will calculate the percentage of your sales that the pack receives per Scout and reduce your dues accordingly. Popcorn sales can be combined with either payment type above - total dues will simply be reduced.

Similarly, Cub Scouts who did not earn enough for free dues from the popcorn fundraiser can further reduce their fees by participating in the spring camp card fundraiser. Cub Scouts who have already paid dues, can earn Scoutbucks (see below) they can apply either to Scouting-related activities or the following year's dues.

Pack 198 Scoutbucks

A Scout is Thrifty. Pack 198 offers our Scouts a way to earn funds that can be used within the year to pay for uniform items and optional activities. Scouts who participate in the popcorn fundraiser and other fundraisers have the opportunity to earn Scoutbucks. After dues have been paid or a Scout’s fundraising efforts are enough to cover the full annual dues, a Scout can earn financial credit in the form of Scoutbucks that can be used for any Scouting-related activity or uniform item.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! Pack 198 offers need-based scholarship opportunities for Cub Scouts who participate in pack fundraisers. If you need this option, please ask one of the leaders for more information.

How does this compare to other activities?

Based on the most current comparisons, Cub Scouting with Pack 198 is an affordable and fun-filled option for girls and boys. Here are comparisons to some common youth activities:

  • Cub Scout Pack 198: < $17 per month for year-long activities
  • Gymnastics: $100 per month
  • Group Swim Lessons: $100 per month
  • Soccer: $150 per month
  • Horseback Riding: $200 per month
  • Piano Lessons: $95 per month
  • Dance: > $100 per month