As a Parent or Guardian, you are a primary role model for your child. Children need your guidance along their Scouting path, not to do the work for them, but with them. All parents help their children with advancement and assist their pack or den with special projects. Because Pack 198 is entirely volunteer run, we ask that all parents help ensure have the support to provide the best possible Scouting program by volunteering for at least one event or activity. Here’s a look at some of the people, most of whom are volunteers, and resources available to help you and your Scout.

Why volunteer?

Pack 198 is volunteer run, which means that we are the most successful when everyone helps out in some way. Volunteering is also an excellent way to get to know the Cub Scouts program, other parents, and the Scouts! It is a rewarding and fun part of Scouting. In fact, Pack 198 requires all parents to volunteer for at least one event, activity, or role. Pack 198 has many opportunities to volunteer, both small and large, from leadership positions to helping with individual events and activities. We can help you determine how best to volunteer after you've filled out the Parent Talent Survey.

Why be a leader?

Being a leader is fun, challenging, and rewarding! Leaders find their experiences help them to become better parents, co-workers, and friends. There are many benefits that will enrich your life as you dedicate your time, talent, and enthusiasm to Scouting.

  • Fun and fellowship with other families, sharing your talents and your pride in the Scouts’ accomplishments.
  • The privilege of helping to enrich and strengthen families in your community.
  • A chance to help Scouts learn good citizenship to help shape them into adults who have strength of character and are sensitive to the needs of others.
  • A code to live by that will set a worthwhile example for both Scouts and adults.
  • The opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of Scouts as they grow strong in mind and body.
  • The satisfaction of being a member of a world-wide movement and pride in being publicly identified as a part of this organization – wearing the Scouting uniform is a visible means of showing you believe in and stand up for the ideals and objectives of the BSA.

What volunteer positions are there?

In Pack 198 there are leadership positions as well as opportunities to volunteer for activities and events. Here’s a look at some of the positions and opportunities available in Pack 198.

Cub Master

Conducts the monthly pack meeting. Aids den leaders by coordinating a monthly program for all leaders. Attends monthly pack leaders’ meeting.

Den Leader

Works with a group of up to eight boys and girls, meeting two to three times per month to work on advancements and activities. Plans den meeting activities and outings.

Committee Chair

Conducts monthly pack leaders’ meeting to help plan the program. Ensures the Cubmaster and den leaders receive adequate support from committee members.

Committee Members

The pack committee helps plan the program and take care of records, finances, advancement, and membership.

Popcorn & Other Fundraisers

Our fundraisers help our Scouts earn their way in Scouting, practice public speaking, and uphold the Scout Law. Fundraisers also help to provide a quality Scouting program. Pack 198 participates in several fundraisers, our biggest one being Popcorn sales in the fall.

Special Events & Activities

Along with regular pack and den meetings, Pack 198 provides other opportunities for families to participate in Scouting adventures and celebrate Scouting. Our outdoor activities, Blue & Gold banquet, and Pinewood Derby are some of these that can only happen with the help of volunteers.

STEM Nova Counselor

Cub Scouts has a fun and engaging program to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In order for our Scouts to participate in this programs, Pack 198 needs trained and registered STEM Nova Counselors. STEM Nova Counselors work with den leaders and cub masters to create engaging opportunities to learn about STEM! The training and registration consists of a short reading.

Experts and Hobbyists

Our pack and den meetings rely on the expertise and interests of all of the adults involved in Pack 198. Sharing your talents with the Scouts opens up many more opportunities for them to have fun and learn.

How do I get trained to volunteer?

Every Cub Scout deserves a trained leader! Pack 198 prides itself on having all of our leaders trained through the online BSA training system. This system offers position-specific training that you can take at your own pace. We also participate in monthly district roundtable to learn new ideas and skills for leading. As a leader, you also will receive Scouting, the magazine for adult Scouters. The district and council also offer several optional in-person training opportunities. Whatever the volunteer role, we will work together to ensure all leaders and other volunteers are comfortable in their position.