Committee Positions

The pack committee is made up of many different positions. Although the pack only needs a few of these positions filled to operate, when other positions are filled, we are able to do more for the Cub Scouts and provide a better program. When the committee is filled with volunteers, each positions requires a minimal weekly time commitment.

All pack committee members must be at least 21 years of age, should be registered as an adult leader, is required to have taken the BSA Youth Protection Training, and should complete any position-specific training. (Don't worry - the trainings are online, short, and designed to help you be the best you can be in your position!)

Pack Committee Chair

The pack committee chair is appointed by the Chartered Organization (for Pack 198 this is Ridgeview Classical Schools) to oversee the Pack Committee as they provide support to den leaders to ensure a quality program. The pack committee chair maintains a close relationship with the chartered organization representative, confers with the cubmaster on pack policy matters, supervises the pack committee, recruits pack committee members, assigns duties, and ensures the successful running over the pack committee overall.


The treasurer helps the pack committee and cubmaster establish a sound financial program for the pack with a pack budget plan. This person also maintains the Pack 198 bank account, approves all budget expenditures, collects dues from pack members, reports on the financial condition of the pack, and guides the pack on council-approved money-earning projects.


The secretary keeps informed of the Scouting literature, materials, records, and forms to help leaders function effectively. The secretary also maintains up-to-date attendance and membership information, handles outside correspondence for the pack, keeps notes on pack committee meetings, and updates Scoutbook with pack level events as needed.

Advancements Chair

The advancements chair has a working knowledge of the all Cub Scout rank advancement plans and helps plans and conduct the induction and advancement recognition ceremonies. This person also collects and inputs into Scoutbook den advancement reports in order to track the progress of each Scout.

Outings Chair

The outings chair helps the cubmaster and assistant cubmasters plan arrange for indoor and outdoor activities that go beyond the typical pack or den meeting. This includes locating opportunities, planning for emergencies, arranging transportation, coordinating with Webelos leaders for overnight opportunities, and promoting the opportunities to the pack. This person plans monthly or semi-monthly optional outings for Scouts to participate in such as hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, and camping.

Membership Chair

The membership chair conducts an annual census of Cub Scouts in the pack to prepare re-registration papers and an annual report to the chartered organization for the purposes of re-chartering each year. This person also follows up with new Cub Scouts and their families to ensure that their questions are answered and to guide them in the Bobcat primer. The membership chair also works with the cubmaster to develop and carry out a plan for year-round membership growth and transition through the Cub Scout ranks, which includes following up with nonactive members and former members who have transitioned to Scouts BSA.

Pack Trainer

The pack trainer helps leaders and parents understand purposes, policies, and procedures of the Cub Scouting program. The pack trainer promotes the online BSA leader training program in order for all leaders to be position trained and all adults to be Youth Protection trained. This person also works with the cubmaster to design and conduct or facilitate the den leader onboarding and training.

Public Relations Chair

The public relations chair promotes family participation in all pack events, publicizes pack activities to the public, designs flyers and leaflets for events, provides pack announcements in the form of bulletins or newsletters, and stimulates pack service projects.

Fundraising Chair

The fundraising chair works with the pack committee chair, treasurer, and public relations chair to plan a year-round fundraising program that includes the fall popcorn and spring camp card fundraisers. Developing and coordinating this plan includes finding opportunities, arranging dates, times, and locations, and recruiting adult volunteers to oversee specific fundraising events (such as the popcorn kernel for the popcorn fundraiser).

Social Media Chair

The social media chair works closely with the public relations chair to publicize and promote the pack to the public. This includes maintaining and adding to the pack social media pages and website, geofencing pack events through Longs Peak Council, posting events to social media, and developing a plan to market through social media (e.g., ad buys).